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Planning is a gift that lives on!
Every year, more and more families are choosing to make prearrangements in advance...


  • It relieves the burden of decision making from your family.
  • It allows you to determine exactly what type of service you desire.
  • You buy at today's costs... not tomorrow's.
  • Final expenses are frozen... not subject to inflation.

These important decisions are made together now... not alone tomorrow.

Leave your family with the burden of your funeral arrangements and you may be leaving them hurt, confused and overwhelmed.

At a time when your family most needs to seek comfort, they will be seeking answers - sorting through papers, calling attorneys and perhaps worrying about final expenses.

Yet, for you to gather the necessary details now will take a fraction of the time it would take your family.

Are you aware how easy and affordable it is to prepare for the future by preplanning funeral arrangements? It's a valuable, thoughtful service we provide for many of our neighbors.

And did you realize how much money could be saved through prepayment of funeral expenses?

When you prepay expenses, your final needs will be met no matter how long from the time of payment that death occurs. The interest earned adds to your fund to offset rises in cost due to inflation and other factors.

Prepayment Plans to Freeze Final Expenses

"A simple plan to relieve your loved ones from worrying about final expenses and making difficult decisions."

Here is how the program works.... YOU make the decision about the type of arrangements you prefer. A complete list of options is available.

An agreement between you and our firm is established whereby we guarantee to provide the type of service you purchase at NO INCREASE IN COST, regardless of when the service is needed. You have the option of paying the contract in full or making convenient installment payments. THERE ARE NO INTEREST CHARGES!

Remember... PEACE OF MIND AND FINANCIAL SAVINGS is why hundreds of Citrus County families have chosen to preplan their arrangements with us.

  • We honor the following prearrangement programs:
  • United Family Life Insurance - The Mission Plan
  • American Funeral Plan - The Guardian Plan
  • National Cremation Plans
  • All State Approved Trust Plans