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Cost and Services

Funeral Price Information

The goods and services indicated within this price list are those we provide. You may choose only those items you desire. However, any arrangement you may choose will already include our basic staff services and establishment overhead.

If legal requirements should cause you to purchase goods and/or services you do not want, we will explain the reason for these purchases on the Statement of Funeral Goods & Services which we are required to provide.

This list does not include items you may ask us to purchase for you such as death certificates, obituary notices, cemetery charges, permits, airline fees, or floral tributes.

The cost of these items will be reflected on your bill if we are asked to purchase them. In some cases, we charge you for the purchase of these items.

Effective Date: June 15, 2021
Prices subject to change
"Package Options"

These selections are offered by our firm and are requested by the majority of families we serve. If these "Package Options" are chosen, there is a financial savings as opposed to purchasing them from the itemization of services on the list that follows. Packages are cash prices and are based upon the casket being purchased from our inventory.

Traditional Funeral Ceremony With Burial $3475.00
Local removal from place of death (Citrus Co.)
Professional care of deceased
Staff & professional services
Visitation (2 hours) same day as ceremony
Chapel, church, or graveside ceremony
Funeral coach to local cemetery
* Add $395 for visitation on separate day

Traditional Funeral Ceremony With Cremation $2995.00
Local removal from place of death (Citrus Co.)
Professional care of deceased
Staff & professional services
Use of chapel or visitation room (2 hours)
Cremation in Davis Crematory
Evening hours require additional charge $75
* Add $395 for visitation on separate day
* Add $200 for Sunday or Holidays

Cremation Memorial Service* $1895.00
Local removal from place of death (Citrus Co.)
Care of deceased (Refrigeration - 5 days)
Staff & professional services
Chapel memorial ceremony
Cremation in Davis Crematory
Evening hours require additional charge $75
Staff & equipment for off premise service $195
* Deceased will not be preset for ceremony
* Add $200 for Sunday or Holidays
Additional Services when Package Offerings Are Selected
Long Distance Removal - Tampa, St Petersburg, Gainesville $350.00
Long Distance Removal - Ocala,, Leesburg, Brookville $250.00
Additional use of facilities per day $395.00
Hearse for off premise cremation ceremony $295.00
Caskets Selections Available Form $1395.00 to $7195.00
Casket list provided at funeral home
Outer Burial Containers From
Vault list provided at funeral home
$895.00 to $2995.00

Other Merchandise Available:
Burial vaults from $895.00
Guest registers from $65.00
Custom memorial cards from $175.00
Cremation rental caskets from $795.00
Cremation urns from $85.00
Cremation caskets from $995.00
Cremation containers from $95.00

Itemization of Services
Utilized when services selected do not qualify for "Package Options"

Services of Funeral Director & Staff $1695.00
This fee includes responding to initial request for service; arrangement conference; arranging and coordination of funeral ceremony and visitation; filing necessary documentation. Also included in this fee are expenses relating to the daily operation of this company. This fee will be added to the cost of arrangements you select, but are already included in our charge for direct cremation, immediate burial, forwarding, and receining of remains "packages"

Embalming (Basic) $695.00
Except in certain cases, embalming in not required by law. It may be necessary if you select arrangements such as a funeral with a viewing. If you do not wish embalming, you may have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it such as direct cremation or an immediate burial.

Other Care of Deceased:
Dressing, casketing, & cosmetology $295.00
Washing & disinfection remains without embalming $295.00
Refrigeration in lieu of embalming $595.00
Dressing & viewing without embalming $375.00
Autopsy preparation charge $195.00

Charges For Funeral Facilities/Equipment
Facilities & Staff for visitation per day or any part thereof $595.00
Facilities & Staff for funeral ceremony or memorial service $695.00
Staff & Equipment for off premise ceremony

Automotive Equipment:
Local removal of deceased (Citrus County) $295.00
Funeral Coach to local cemetery $295.00
Service/utility vehicle $95.00
Hearse to Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, St. petersburg $395.00
*Other destinations will be charged at $3.00 per mile

Other Services/Merchandise Available:
Guest register $65.00
Memorial cards from $175.00
Crucifix $20.00
Mens Suits $250.00
Ladies Dresses $250.00
Out of County Newspaper processing Fee $25.00
Anatomical Donation $1795.00
Insurance assignment fee 5% of assigned amount
Pre-need Trust Surcharge $25.00

Alternative Selection Packages

Forwarding Remains To Another Funeral Home
(Deferred price add $300)

Includes local removal from place of death, embalming, basic professional services of staff, filing necessary documentation, and transportation of deceased to airport. This fee does not include services prior to departure.

A. With minimum fiberboard transfer case
*Basic embalming only, no viewing permitted
B. With casket purchased from our inventory
*Deceased is embalmed, dressed, the family is permitted a private viewing
C. Protective covering for casket required by airline $225.00

Receiving remains from another firm
(Deferred price add $300)
This includes removal of deceased from airport or receiving deceased from another funeral home, shelter of remains and transportation to local cemetery. This fee does not include embalming, the use of our facilities for viewing or services, casket, vault, or cemetery expenses.
Immediate Burial (From) $1995
(Deferred price add $300)
This includes local removal from place of death, basic professional services, filing necessary documents, shelter of remains, and hearse to local cemetery. This fee does not include embalming, viewing, funeral ceremony, use of our facilities, casket, vault or cemetery expenses.
Direct Cremations (Deferred Price) - $1195.00
Cash Price - $850.00
(Deferred Price - 30 days) - $1195.00
(Deferred Price - Over 30 days) - $1595.00
Prearrangement Price - $1150.00
This includes local removal from place of death, shelter of remains, refrigeration (5 days), filing documentation, and Davis Crematory charge. It does not include embalming, viewing, or funeral ceremony. If you arrange a direct cremation, you may use an alternative container (required by law) or a cremation casket. A private family viewing is not included but may be arranged for an additional cost. Arranging funeral details is not included in this fee.
A. Direct cremation with container provided by purchaser $1095.00
B. Cremation tray/containers from $95.00
C. Direct cremation with cloth covered casket from $1995.00
D. Cremation on Holidays and ot Weekends (additional fee) $250.00
E. Cremation by Appointment $150.00
Other Cremation Products and Services
A. Processing & inurnment fee for Urn provided by family $40.00
B. Room & equipment for private family viewing (30 min.) $295.00
C. Staff & equipment for Urn graveside service $595.00
D. Private inurnment at local cemetery $195.00
E. Davis Crematory Fee $525.00
F. Packaging/Courier Fee for Urn (postage fees additional) $45.00
G. Refrigeration per day after 5 days $35.00
H. Special Cremation Care $100.00
I. Professional fee for arranging ceremony with direct cremation $125.00